• Wildlife In The Galapagos

    Most travelers go to the Galapagos Islands in order to experience the wildlife. There is stunning geology and natural features here although the strange and extremely timid animals truly captures people’s attention. Most of the animals here are considered megafauna. Megafuana is an animal being in a small environment devoid of major predators becoming larger,… Continue Reading

  • Running of the Bulls

    Remember to post a video within the Clear News theme you simply need to paste in the video url, from the video embed code. Simple, simple. The San Fermin Festival in Pamplona starts every year at 12.00 on the 6th of July, and last until midnight on the 14th. The biggest day of the festival… Continue Reading

  • Beautiful and Majestic

    Switzerland is a country as famous for its pocket knives as it is for its chocolate. But to travellers, Swiss fame is largely focused on its Alpine landscape. Beautiful and majestic, many visitors prefer to take in the scenery through activity, rather than mere sightseeing: skiing, hiking, hang-gliding and rafting are only a number of the… Continue Reading

  • Back in the NY Groove

    New York State is a state in the northeast of the USA and was one of the original 13 Colonies. When most people talk about New York State they just say Upstate New York. Although people forget that Upstate New York is home to amazing national and state parks that are quite stunning. There is also good skiing and some… Continue Reading

  • The Wisdom in Honesty

    Honesty is saying what we know or suspect to be real, even when we don’t like the consequences. It is also much more. Because most deception is actually self deception, true honesty requires that we recognize our natural human penchant for fooling ourselves. In particular, honesty requires that we guard against self-serving biases: our tendency… Continue Reading

  • The Most Simple Caribbean Experience

    The Caribbean offers some of the finest sites in the world for scuba diving and snorkelling. The usually crystal clear warm water offers those travellers with an interest in the underwater world endless opportunities. The Caribbean extends in a broad arc of over 4000 km from the Bahamas in the north to Guyana and Suriname… Continue Reading

  • Privacy Online

    The House is expected to vote soon on the USA Freedom Act. If passed, the bill would impose several new restrictions for surveillance operations, including limits on the NSA’s ability to collect phone records of US citizens. The bill would also create a special office to advocate for the public in front of the Foreign… Continue Reading